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"Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone".  Find out more about this devastating loss and what we can do at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Young Groundhogs 2020

Young Groundhogs

Groundhogs 2020


Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan, Montezuma 4-2020

House Finch

House Finch, Backyard Birding 4-2020

Sub adult and adult Bald Eagles, Montezuma 4-2020

Bald Eagles, Montezuma 4-2020

Canada Goose

Mother Goose, Montezuma 4-2020

Bottoms Up-Northern Shoveler

Montezuma Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler, Montezuma

Northern Shoveler, Montezuma 4-2020

Osprey, Cass Park, Ithaca

Ithaca Osprey 3-2020

Chipmunk at Lab of Ornithology

Basking in a ray of sunshine

Blue Jay at feeder

Blue Jay

Northern Montezuma Wetlands

Northern Montezuma

Snow Geese, Romulus, NY

Snow Geese

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker at Suet Feeder Winter 2019

Sparrow on Feeder Bracket

Sparrow on Feeder Bracket

Great White Egret, Montezuma

Egret, Montezuma

Great White Egrets, Montezuma

Great White Herons (Egrets) Montezuma

Blue Heron, Montezuma Refuge

Blue Heron, Montezuma

Bald Eagle Monument, Montezuma

Bald Eagle Sculpture at Montezuma

Turtle, Montezuma

Slow-Go-er Crossing Wildlife Drive, Montezuma

White Egret, Montezuma

Montezuma Egret

Onondaga Lake Eagle Count

Audubon Professional Conducting the Official Eagle Count; Onondaga Lake.

Osprey Nest, Stewart Park

Ospreys Nesting at Stewart Park

Red Tailed Hawk, Raptor

Red Tailed Hawk, Braddock Bay Raptor Research.

Blue Heron, Stewart Park

Blue Heron of Stewart Park

Blue Heron, Stewart Park Lagoon

Stewart Park Blue Heron

White Egrets, Montezuma Refuge

Egrets (Herons) of Montezuma

Blue Heron, Montezuma Wildlife

Heron in the Reeds, Montezuma

Blue Heron, Montezuma Refuge

Montezuma Heron

Blue Heron, Montezuma Refuge

Montezuma Heron

Bald Eagle, Onondaga Lake

Eagle from a distance, Onondaga

Bald Eagle, Onondaga Lake

From a distance, Eagle at Onondaga

Eagle, Cayuga Lake

Eagle, Cayuga Lake

Osprey, Stewart Park, Ithaca

Osprey at Stewart Park

Osprey, Stewart Park, Ithaca

Osprey at Stewart Park

Herding Dog

Herding Dog at Work

Mute Swan, Irondequoit, NY

Mute Swan, a member of the waterfowl family, Anatidae, at Irondequoit Bay.

Swans, Montezuma

Swans, Montezuma

Black Bear, Ithaca, NY

Young Black Bear, Ithaca

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